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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Slender Man

The slender man was a fictional character created for a photo contest in 2009, but what if he originated from stories of Myth?

The slender man is described as an unusually tall, thin man who is bald, with no face. He is supposedly responsible for kidnapping children and transporting them to his own dimension where they remain children who belong to him forever. (Sort of like a twisted version of Peter Pan huh?) Although a photo entry of him started all the claims of people spotting him, legends of "The Slender man" date back to the last century. Do a little research of your own and see what you find. Share any information you find for the rest of us in the comments below. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Monday, June 2, 2014

New Amityville Horror Movie Coming in 2015!

According to both IMDB & Wikipedia the Amityville film series will be welcoming a new movie sometime in 2015. Little is known about the current film other than it will be starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, who plays a single mother that moves into the infamous haunted house with her three children.According to Dimension films and Blumhouse Productions, the newest film will be released January 2, 2015. Currently the working title for the film is "The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes".  Amityville America will keep you posted with any upcoming news, including previews when they become available. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Amityville Horror 2005

Remake of the 1979 classic that started it all. Hollywood takes this film to the next level, but strays a little off the path as far as accuracy. (According to Jay Ansons book "My Amityville Horror") 

To watch The Amityville Horror please click the third-party link below:
Link 1: Amityville Horror 2005 (megashare)
Link 2: Amityville Horror 2005  (tubeplus)   

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cinderella Story: Dancing with the Devil

This legend is based on folklore.

    The legend says in sometime shortly after World War I, a young girl lived with her wicked step-mother and was treated as a slave. The girl would work morning to night, some days until her fingers bled. She would cry every night before she would sleep. She was a prisoner in the home and was never aloud to go anywhere, not even to school.

 The step-mother, not wanting locals to think she was hurting the girl would take her to dance classes, three days a week. She would attend the girls recitals like the doting mother, and give her praise in front of people in town. Dance was the girls only escape, it made her feel free, safe, and above all happy.

 Upon her seventeenth birthday, the girl was given a small part in a local production called "Danser avec le diable" or "Dancing with the Devil" She would watch the lead girl with such envy, wishing that could be her on the stage. The male lead was the Prince of the play. He stood tall with jet black hair and piercing brown eyes.

 One night after rehearsal, the Prince came to her and asked her to Dance. The girl stunned could only extend her hand. He pressed her head against his chest as they swayed across the stage. It felt as if she were floating on thin air, the girl looked down at her feet to see her shoes were not touching the floor, nor were his. She squirmed to be freed but he squeezed her more tightly.

"Do not be afraid dear child... I am here to help you." the man said as he smiled down at her. "But how are we-? How can you help me? Who are you?" the girl was less hesitant now, somehow calmed by his smile. "I am the dream maker, I want to make your most inner desire your reality. Do you truly love to dance?" he asked. "Yes. But how-" The man snapped his fingers and said "It has been done."

 The next day she awoke in her bed and brushed it off as a dream. The girl arrived at rehearsal to find that the female lead has suffered a great fall, and would be unable to complete her obligation to the production. The director turned to the girl and told her she was the replacement. "Big opportunities will come from this, lots of agents, and Hollywood elite will attend these final shows. Are you my girl?" The girl looked at the prince who was smiling the smile from her dream.

  That night the girl danced brilliantly and was approached by many of the agents as her director had promised. Not one had yet made her an offer, but all said they looked forward to seeing her dance again. After most people were gone the girl alone in her dressing room was approached by the Prince. "Did I make you dreams come true?" He asked grinning.
  The girl was dazed and speechless. "Yes we really danced on air, and yes I made all of this happen for you." He said glaring at the girl into the mirror. "But how?" he cut her off again as he did the night before. "I already told you I am the dream maker." he looked at her his eyes almost glowing. "Do you want this for the rest of your life?" he grinned. The girl instantly said "Yes!" The Prince smiled "Now... we simply need to discuss payment."

   "Payment? But I have no money." The girl cried. "I'm not interested in money. I want ...a promise. Can you do that?" The Prince asked intriguingly. "Well, what is it that you want?" The girl asked curiously. "You simply pledge your allegiance to me for the rest of your life." His smile had faded. "What does that mean?" asked the confused girl. "It means If I give you the life you want, that you leave me in full control of your destiny for now, and forever." He showed no expression on his face as he starred at her. The girl still confused reluctantly agreed.

After giving the girl exactly what she wanted he disappeared and the girl did not see him for many years. She traveled the world and became quite famous on stage for her dancing talent. During her travels she met Royalty, movie stars, & elite wealthy socialites. She never married, nor had any children but she was content with that.

One stormy Halloween night while on stage the young girl saw her Prince again in the audience watching her. At the end of her show she went to the dressing rooms where she found black roses on her table with a card that read "Time is up". She went out to the auditorium to try and plead with the dark prince for one more day, one more dance, one more dollar but he was no where to be seen. She ran out into the street looking for him but couldn't find him in the mass crowds.

When she finally saw him he was standing in an alley way just across the street. She darted off the sidewalk to get to him before he could disappear again, but she didn't look before crossing into the street. The young girl was struck by a motor coach, and fatally wounded instantly. As she laid there the young famous dancer kept screaming "Don't let him take me!" and "Tell them to let go of me!" until her last dying breath.
The legend states that her soul was then dragged into hell by demons, where she remained dancing with the devil for all of eternity. Be careful what you wish for, and don't make deals with the devil.

The Exorcist Based On A True Story

The Exorcist is Based on the true story of a young boy named "Roland Doe" by the Catholic Church. Over 30 eye witnesses claimed to see paranormal activity surrounding the boy including levitating objects, strange growls and voices, and the young boy's physical appearance actually changing. In the movie, the possessed preteen is a female played by Linda Blair. Also starring Ellen Burstyn.

To Watch The Exorcist please click the third-party link below:

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Exorcism of Emily Rose - Based On A True Story

The exorcism of Emily Rose is based on eye witness testimony of the Anneliese Michel exorcism. For more information on the Anneliese Michel true story behind the movie,

To Watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose please click the third-party link below:
The Exorcism of Emily Rose