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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Are Curses and Hexes real? Do they exist?

Do curses exist? Can items really be considered cursed?

       According to the UK:Independent several tourists have been taking "Uluru Rocks" from Ayers Rock in Australia, a place many consider to be "sacred ground." The most interesting fact of all, is that people seem to be mailing the pieces of the rocks back with letter of apology. Many of them stating they've had a stroke of bad luck ever since bringing the rocks home with them.

       Did you know that the Titantic was carrying an Egyptian mummy along with other artifacts to a museum in the United States? The papers called it the "Cursed Pharoah" because every one who photographed it ended up dead. The mummy was apparently dropped while the ship was boarded, breaking a crew members leg. Also, in 1892 a journalist William Thomas Stead wrote a short story almost identical to the Titiantic tragic voyage. The ship in his story was call "Titan", was also unsinkable, also hits and iceberg and eventually sinks. 20 years later, Stead against the advice of spiritual mediums, boarded the Titantic and was one of the more than 2,000 who vanished on April 12, 1912.

       In 1923, Scientist were more than excited to have finally found the resting place of King Tut. Others have stated that Howard Carter actually unleashed a curse. One of the financial backers of the expedition to uncover King Tuts final resting place George Herbert was bitten on the face by a mosquito and died from blood poisoning, another died of pneumonia, Herberts brother died from a simple dental procedure gone wrong the same year. Another 10 involved with the discovery would die mysterious deaths since. Not all died, one in particular Sir Bruce Ingram received an artifact from the tomb and his home burned to the ground, after rebuilding his home was again destroyed by a flood.

       Macbeth is believed to be the most cursed play in modern history. With fatalities plaguing the play from is first production when the boy cast to play Macbeth died the nights of the opening forcing William Shakespeare into drag to play the part himself. King James I was so insulted by the play he forbade it from being played again. Several years later, an actress playing Lady Macbeth fell 15 feet off stage during the sleepwalking scene. In 1849 more than 30 people were killed when a riot broke out during a showing of the play in New York. In 1942 John Gielgud three of his actors died during the shows run and the costume designer committed suicide the night of the shows premiere. In 1953 Charlton Heston was playing the lead and suffered terrible burns on his legs. There are several people who speculate that Shakespeare cursed the play by having an actual incantation within it cursing the play by even uttering it's name.    

       Still don't believe curses exist? Do you own research, and come to your own conclusions!

Quote on Shakespeare's tombstone:  "Good friend for Jesus sake forbear, To dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones, And curst be he that moves my bones."

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