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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amityville Interior 1974

The following photos of the house are from 1974. Many of the photos were taken as evidence after the shooting November 13, 1974. 
Amityville Front Door Entrance

Front Door Foyer

Foyer view from Kitchen


2nd floor landing

View of 3rd floor from 2nd floor landing

3rd Floor Landing

3rd Floor bathroom shared by "Butch" &
Dawn Defeo

2nd Floor Bathroom shared by John, Marc, & Allison

1st Floor Guest Bathroom


Stairway to the now famous basement

Laundry Room

jigsaw puzzle in Allison's room

Allison's room 1

Allison's room 2

Grand Piano in Defeo Living Room

Living Room 2

Defeo Sunroom

Defeo Sunroom Fully stocked bar

Defeo Family TV room

Defeo Family TV room 2
(notice the sketch on the wall)

closeup of 112 ocean avenue sketch in Defeo family TV room

Closet in TV room

John & Marc Defeo's Room

John and Marc Defeo Closet

Dawn Defeo's Bedroom

Dawn Defeo's Bedroom 2

Defeo Family Formal Dining room

Defeo Formal Dining room 2

Ronald & Louise Defeo - Master Bedroom

Ronald and Louise Defeo - Master bedroom 2

Defeo family Kitchen Nook

Defeo family Kitchen 1

Defeo family Kitchen 2

Defeo Family Kitchen 3

More Photos Coming Soon

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