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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Ivy House Inn - Casper, Wyoming

Guests in this haunted inn in Casper, Wyoming often report encounters with the previous owner and her siamese cats.

"This bed and breakfast is haunted by the past owner, Mrs. White, whose husband built this historic Cape Cod. (She) still travels the halls and rooms making sure that guests do not drink and smoke in her place. Always very controlling, she remains in death the same as she was in life."
"She has made her presence known with the smells of her past, like scouring pad on a skillet, her own perfumed soap, baking chocolate and menthol cold medications. On several occasions, she has levitated items like a hammer, and an extension cord plug. Her face has appeared on film in mirrors and in windows. Her body has appeared in the form of a shadow walking down the hall and through a wall, and as a full life-sized person on more than one occasion.
"Guests can hear the sound of Mrs. White knocking on their doors. If they don't answer the door, the knobs twist as she tries to enter." "Her two Siamese ghost cats have also run throughout the building, and one has slept on the end of a guest bed, while purring." "Several of her ghost 'friends' visit, especially in the parking area, where they set off car alarms."
"The Ivy House Inn has several 'Haunted Slumber Parties' throughout the year, featuring the morning 'Breakfast with Spirits,' a champagne breakfast with 'Ghost Toasties.'"

(This story submitted by: Tom Johnson of the Ivy House Inn; All Photos Courtesy of Ivy House Inn)

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