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Monday, October 24, 2011

Mansfield Training Center

Mansfield Training Center is located in Mansfield, CT. No longer a home for the mentally insane it is now referred to as "Mansfield Mansion" as it's current's residents are using the facility as their family home.

From the moment the new owner purchased the house in a sealed auction for a $100,000 price tag, she experienced strange happenings. As the construction began to bring the home back to life, it seemed to wake up something else. An evil in the house that had been slumbering silently until it's home was being ripped apart.

One of the first nights in the home while peeling wallpaper the new owner claims she was thrown from a step ladder in the middle of the night and heard footsteps as if someone were running away. The force in the home begins attacking other members of the family including an infant child.

The owner looks into the history of the home and finds it was formerly used as an institution for the mentally insane. Stories of abuse and strange testing done on patients were found in old newspaper clippings.

Watch Syfy Channel's "Paranormal Witness"  Mansfield MansionParanormal Witness SE01 EP04 Mansfield Mansion

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