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Friday, April 1, 2011

Marilyn Monroe's Mansion

Marilyn Monroe - AKA "The Blonde Bombshell"
While Marilyn Monroe's life and death carry mysterious and unknown details, this well-known actress, singer and model is one of the most famous icons throughout the years. The 20th century may have a hard time replacing this bright and shining star that seems to continue to transcend time and trendy boundaries.
Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood, CA Home
On August 4, 1962 Marilyn Monroe slipped into a coma, as a result in overdose of sleeping pills. She was found in her home by her housekeeper, her body naked and she was lying face down on of her bed and her left hand was outreached touching the telephone. The coroner listed her death as a suicide, although many believe her death was an accident. Others believe it was a government cover up as rumors flared of an affair Monroe was having with one of the Kennedy family members. It has been said she had an abortion on July 20, 1962, was fired from her job at Fox Studios, and was having relationship problems.

Evidence is missing from her case, including the original autopsy, her supposed suicide note (which mentioned suicide not at all), and original police report. Furthermore, the first officer at the death scene has publicly disputed the suicide finding. Either way, it has been said that Marilyn still haunts her home where her life ended too soon, as well as in various spots throughout Hollywood, CA.
Roosevelt Hotel - Hollywood
Monroe's former home (which also once belonged to Anna Nichole - also deceased) is located in the beautiful hills of Brentwood, CA. Smith once said that she thought she was Marilyn Monroe reincarnated, and felt a personal connection to her in the home. Monroe's spirit is sited in various places, one of her favorite haunts is the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, a full length mirror that once hung in the Suite Marilyn Monroe would frequent is now located in the lobby by the elevators. Many guests have said they have seen Marilyn Monroe's spirit in the mirror long enough to catch a glimpse.
Monroe's Crypt - located in Westwood Memorial Park
Another place said to be haunted by the former actress is the site of her burial in Westwood Memorial Cemetery. Many people say they see orbs, or some describe it as a mist that hovers over her tombstone. Others claim to see flashes of light come from the area of her burial site from the road as the gates to Westwood Memorial are locked after dark.
The most activity though comes from her home, also the place of her tragic death. Various guests throughout the years have caught a glimpse of her in nearly every room of the home. Housekeepers have heard a female humming, (some describe it as singing) & cooks have items missing or moved in the kitchen. Again, the most activity comes from the upstairs; specifically her bedroom (place of death). She has also been spotted around the old "HOLLYWOOD" sign.

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