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Friday, September 28, 2012

Do you believe in demons?

If you believe in God, then you believe in Heaven and Hell. In the deepest, darkest corners of hell sits a vortex of evil including ... Demons.

Some people believe Demons walk amoungst us in human form to cause corruption, anger, death...The Catholic church, although tight lipped about it still performs exorcisms to this day. Don't think you can test this by calling up your local Priest and telling him you are possessed. The church spends months, possibly years studying cases and only choose a handful they believe they see proof of Demonic forces.

Simple, our own anger and hatred. Depression, and all negative feelings associated with darkness. Demons and dark energy feed on it. Another way demons can be unleashed are when Witches choose to practice Dark arts. The kind that involve animal or human sacrifices.

If you are dealing with a haunting (residual) you will see or hear things that can be unexplained, a poltergeist is a bit more intellegant and can do a little more damage such as throwing objects across the room, moving car keys so you are late for work... but Demons, the can literally possess your soul. Control everything in your life, force you not to eat or to make or harm yourself to make you weak and vulnerable.

Most people who become possessed don't even know it. It isn't like the movies kids, evil is more more subtle than that. It's seductive, and will slowly enter you life. It can cause depression, or can cause a completely sane otherwise normal person to do dispicible acts against other life or possessions.

And if you have even the inkling that you are possessed... who are you going to tell? People would think you were absolutely off your rocker, over the moon, insane. Which only adds to the pull those dark forces have over you. Think of someone being in an abusive relationship, they have all of their walls torn down by their abuser, the feel empty and alone in the world... that's exactly how Demons play.


Using Deamons in magic is almost stupid to me. Sure you can have blessed crystals or alter tools to protect yourself (if you know what you are doing)... but what about the person next door to you? Are they protected? The short answer is no. If you practice any sort of wicca or the craft at all, DO NOT USE DEMONS in your ceremonies or rituals. PERIOD.

As far as depression goes, see a doctor or a therapist for help, try to keep positive people and energy in your life and it wouldn't hurt if all of use carry a cross or crucifix with us at all times.

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