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Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Legends: Razor blades in my Reese's cup

(Photo: Business Wire)
We've all heard the stories of little "Susie" or "Timmy" two streets over that ate some candy they scored trick or treating on Halloween and died the next day because it was either poisoned or filled with razor blades instead of gooey caramel. But are any of them true?

The short answer is no. Other than a few cases in the 1970's that were highly publicized, no children have actually died from candy that has been tampered with. Even in those cases, there was no actual proof of any tampering. Most deaths that occur on Halloween are actually vehicle related, more children have been fatally hit by cars on Halloween than any other day of the year.

Many researchers claim that the over hype about candy tampering by media sources, and even hospitals who give free x-rays every Halloween to look for razor blades have created the hysteria that has given the Holiday a bad name. 
I still think parents should be involved with the holiday and am in no way saying our children should run amok with no supervision. I am saying that the tradition of Halloween wasn't started as a day for the devil. Full of evil people who find any loop hole they can to "getcha" or hurt you. Halloween is a tradition we all grew up with, and that most of us loved. It doesn't have to be a scary or evil thing, it can continue to be a tradition that we pass on to our children. Do your own research regarding the "tampering" of Halloween candy and draw your own conclusions.  

*** No offense intended towards Reese's cups. I happen to love and will happily endorse their product. :)

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